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Thursday, November 12, 2020 - 11:00am to Saturday, February 20, 2021 - 5:00pm

33rd Annual Young at Art: CommUnity: Finding Togetherness in Distance

Saturday, March 6, 2021 -10:00am to Friday, March 26, 2021 - 4:00pm

Sponsored by EHCC/HMOCA and the Hawai‘i District Department of Education
The Young at Art annual juried exhibition celebrates National Youth Art Month by recognizing the excellence, creativity and originality of all grade k-12 students in public, charter, and private schools, as well as home-schooled students, on the Big Island.
Please note that there are changes to the format of this year’s exhibit. For the first time, the exhibit will be centered around a theme, and all submissions will be made online, with physical submissions of only the accepted art works.
“Art is the highest form of hope.” -- Gerhard Richter
The theme of the 2021 Young at Art Exhibit is: CommUnity: Finding Togetherness in Distance. It offers an opportunity for students to express their thoughts and feelings about the world around them while exploring the “why” behind their creative process.
The past year has been unprecedented to say the least - a global pandemic, wildfires, a divided electorate, and more. Now, it is more important than ever to create and use art as a form of expression. At a time when uncertainty is prevalent and there are many worries and fears for the future, students are encouraged to make art inspired by the experiences and challenges they have faced or witnessed in the past year and to use art to explore their thoughts and emotions. We would like to challenge all of the young artists to explore topics and issues that are important to them.
Create artwork that shows a current event or issue that is important to you, issues relating to equality, climate change, health, being apart from loved ones and classmates. Or make something inspired by how the past year has made you feel. There are people all over the world experiencing many of the same things at the same time, and even though we are physically apart, we are able to remain connected through a shared love of art.
Important Dates
● Saturday, February 20 at 5pm: Closing of entry submissions
● Monday, February 22 by 11pm: Teachers will be notified of accepted submissions
● Friday, February 26 from 4-6pm and Saturday, February 27 from 10am-12pm: Accepted submissions must be dropped off at the East Hawai‘i Cultural Center in Hilo


Young at Art  Exhibit 2021: JURIED VIRTUALLY


Step 1: Complete the Young At Art Teacher Information Form. (SUBMISSIONS CLOSED)

Step 2: Work with your students on creating art works in compliance with the following rules of entry:

1. Submitted works must be original works by the student(s). Group works are permissible.
2. Maximum of 2 entries per student.
3. Pieces may be any medium, two-dimensional (drawings, paintings, flat collages, weavings, photographs, etc.) or three- dimensional (ceramics, sculptures, jewelry, dioramas, etc.)
4. Mount/mat with white or neutral heavy weight paper or mats. Do not frame in wood, metal, plastic or glass unless it is a vital part of the display, such as many pieces displayed together.
5. Schools of fewer than 1500 students will be limited to 30 entries. Schools with more than 1500 students are allowed 60 entries. Group entries will be counted as one entry. Teachers are asked to work out a fair distribution of entries for each school.
6. Each submission should be accompanied by a short artist’s statement (up to ___ words) describing the work’s embodiment of the exhibit theme, “CommUnity: Finding Togetherness in Distance.”

Step 3: Photograph the entries

1. Photography guidelines:
a. Photos should be square dimensions
b. Resolution of at least 72 DPI
c. No backlight or shadows
d. White tone of light, if possible
e. Crop for minimal background
f. For 3D pieces, multiple angles may be submitted.
2. Include a TYPED label (Download the Label Template) that identifies:
a. Grade Level
b. Title of work
c. Medium
3. Digital photos of student art works should be submitted via Google Drive. You will be given access to a folder once you turn in your Teacher Information Form (see step 1).
4. Create a folder for each artwork, and include all photos and the artist's statement. Please label photos by the title of the work. 
If submitting multiple images for a single work, please label them as follows: Sample - view 1; Sample - view 2; etc.
5. We suggest submitting photos ahead of time if you are unsure if the quality is acceptable. Retakes will be allowed as time permits. If photos are unusable, the entry will be disqualified.

Step 4: Complete the Young At Art Entry Sheet

1. Please encourage students to name their artwork. More than one untitled work from the same student should be numbered (Untitled 1, 2, etc.).

Step 5: Email when all steps have been completed so that the entries can be reviewed. All steps must be completed by Saturday, February 20 at 11:59pm.

For questions, email: