Shingo Honda

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I’ve been making art for over 50 years, and each series is different from another, but not.  I’ve made installations, prints, paintings, sculpture, and public works. I’ve been influenced by the different places where I’ve lived or visited, but it all goes back to a moment in childhood which crystallized my ongoing theme. 

I was born in Northern Japan — snow country. As a child I was fascinated by the thin ice which formed on a puddle of water. I’d pick up the ice, so shiny and beautiful, reflecting the sunlight, but, in a moment, it was gone. It had melted in my hand.

I liked that transient, ever-changing world and it has always been what I’ve wanted to express. The word “permanent” is unrealistic. There’s no such thing. I want to melt an irrational concept.

Hawaii nature’s strong contrast, my everyday bug’s eye view of it, is also that.