REMAINS: Dialectics of Nature and Artifice

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Friday, June 5, 2020 - 10:00am to Friday, July 31, 2020 - 4:00pm

REMAINS: Dialectics of Nature and Artifice

Duo Exhibition of New Works by Pier Fichefeux and Daniel Sheinfeld Rodriguez

June 5 to July 31, 2020

The work of the painter, the poet or the musician, like the myths and symbols of the savage, ought to be seen by us, if not as a superior form of knowledge, at least as the most fundamental and the only one really common to us all. ―Claude Levi-Strauss

REMAINS offers a glimpse of an impending catastrophic future consequent upon humanity’s impact upon the planet. It is a survey of enigmatic landscapes and artifacts depicting hypothetical vestiges of our species should humans cease to exist. It illustrates a natural world relentlessly seeking to redeem balance; evidence of the irreverent behavior of humankind.

Reflective of the current global atmosphere, this exhibition features sculptures and site-specific installations using a wide array of materials and mediums. Pairing a duo of Hawaii-based conceptual artists from disparate international backgrounds, REMAINS presents the dialectics of nature and artifice through Fichefeux and Sheinfeld Rodriguez’s characteristic creative interpretations.

The son of a theologian, Hawaii-based French artist Pier Fichefeux (@Fichefeux) roots his work in philosophy and cosmology, seeking order in the chaotic forces of nature.  His art includes a variety of mediums, from painting, print and sculpture to interactive or site-specific installations. Pier’s work has been exhibited in galleries throughout Europe, Asia and the US. 

Hawai’i-based architect and conceptual artist Daniel Sheinfeld Rodriguez (@daniel_sheinfeld_rodriguez) merges cutting-edge technology with labor-intensive processes to create evocative, visually appealing, and conceptually rich abstract works. Nature, technology, and architecture are ubiquitous subjects in his sculpture and site-specific installations. Unconventional fabrication techniques, ranging from 3D printing to concrete casting, allow him to sculpturally reform familiar objects into unusual artifacts, producing a new emotional response in the spectator. Daniel has participated in several group exhibitions in Hawai’i and Caracas.

Exhibition will start on June 5th with normal gallery hours of 10am-4pm, Tuesday-Saturday. No opening reception will be held. The EHCC will be adhering to the following GALLERY Policies and Procedures at this time:
  • All visitors are required to wear a face mask to enter the gallery as recommended by the CDC and following County and State of Hawaiʻi regulations. 

  • Maximum of 10 people (including EHCC team members) allowed in the GALLERY space at all times.

  • Maintain a social distance of six feet between you and others as much as possible. 

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