Gallery Exhibitions: 

The Gallery at the East Hawaiʻi Cultural Center is a unique forum showcasing six annual exhibitions on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi. Works of emerging and mid-career artists, cultural artists, and alternative voices offer a platform for conversations with our community; conversations which might be personal, conceptual, political, or social; resonant windows into the aesthetic and mystical human nature we all share. For more information about our gallery exhibition program contact [email protected].

Youth Education:

The Youth Arts Series (YAS) is East Hawai‘i Cultural Center’s island-wide youth art education and outreach program. YAS provides students with affordable opportunities to engage with their senses, explore creative thinking, develop artistic skills, and connect all of these into meaningful expressions of their experiences. Our goal is for students to learn that art can serve many different purposes throughout their lives - as a way of celebrating or being playful, as a tool for working through emotions or thoughts, and as a powerful means of communicating a message. For more information about YAS contact [email protected].

Performing Arts: 

Kahua ʻElua is the East Hawai’i Cultural Center’s intimate, 100 seat black box theatre located on the 2nd floor of the main building. In addition to offering plays, musicals, film screenings, lectures, poetry, improv, dance and classical music, the theatre serves as the home to the Award winning Hilo Education Arts Repertory Theatre (HEART). For more information about the performing arts program contact [email protected].


Javanese gamelan is a compelling musical tradition from Indonesia featuring bronze gongs and metallaphones. Gamelan Sekar Dahana (Gamelan of the Molten Blossom) offers a rare opportunity to experience the beauty and sophistication of Javanese culture in a fun, easy-going learning environment. Classes are free and are held on Wednesday and Thursday at 4pm (please check before attending as the schedule is subject to change), and free private lessons are available at mutually convenient times. For more information or to sign up, contact Carol at [email protected]


The Ceramics Studio is located behind the main building. Our community members have access to several potters' wheels, handbuilding tables, a 30-cubic-foot gas-fired downdraft car kiln, slab roller, extruder, various glazes, and communal pottery tools. We strive to foster and inspire an inclusive community through clay. Workshops for both kids and adults will be coming in 2024. For more information contact Ash at [email protected]