Philippe F. Nault

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Community Outreach Advisor
What is your background?
I am an abstract painter, born and raised in France. I lived and worked successively in Paris, Provence, Brittany, London and New Orleans, until 1992 when I unexpectedly came upon Hawai’i, where I found the need to be. In the course of my career I have made largescale projects in architectural private and public spaces, which eventually led me to work episodically as an art consultant for some architectural firms. I also work as an independent cultural interpreter for the Hawaiian Islands, and cultivate the practice of Chado, the Japanese Way of Tea.
What motivates you to be on the Board of EHCC?
My wish is to participate in the development of a cultural outlet that wants to become a lighthouse for the contemporary arts at large, on Big Island and possibly for the state. I am also excited to be involved in the process that EHCC set for itself in aiming to serve as a cultural center to our particularly diverse community. I feel that both visions can come together in developping dynamic relationships with the wider world. Being on the Board is an opportunity for me to be more actively involved with my community and to give back from my experience in a field that I am familiar with.