Marc Roberts

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Marc has been teaching physics at the University of Hawaii at Hilo(UHH) for the past four years and especially likes teaching the labs.  He has been the faculty lead for the UHH NASA Robotic Mining Competition and NASA Swarmathon robotics teams four years in a row. He has taught robotics at two Hawai'i public schools, one Hawai'i charter school, Hawai'i Community College, PISCES Stars(promoting science to high school women), and middle school girls CCECS robotics/computer science.  He is a firm believer that one learns best by doing. Marc's contribution to this year's "Fall Break camp... (Marissa, insert the name of the program)' is "Electric Hallowe'en". The camp will have student make masks, bugs, bats, and/or other things that light up or move in the theme of scary or gross... to add to the fun of Hallowe'en. Students get to keep all of their work, so they can scare family and friends with their creations.  Be afraid, be very, very afraid...