Kevin Diminyatz

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Kevin Diminyatz is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. Graduating from Sonoma State University in 1995 with a B.F.A  in Printmaking and a minor in Art History. In 1998 Kevin received a Masters of Fine Arts in Painting from Mills College where his work was influenced by Mills College Professors, Hung Liu, and Ron Nagle.

After completing graduate school he began teaching art in High School while maintaining a studio practice and showing regularly in Bay Area and Los Angeles galleries. In 2007 Kevin and his wife, Miho moved from San Francisco to Volcano Big Island, where he now lives and has been working as a lecturer in the art departments of University Hawaii Hilo, and Hawaii Community College.

Kevin's interest in video art began as a student at Mills college, combining performance, video, and sculpture into various gallery installations in both San Francisco and Los Angeles galleries.

In 2012 Kevin created a new technology driven art course for UH Hilo art department called  "Digital Video and Installation." This class will be offered again for the upcoming Spring 2019 semester and gives students the opportunity to use video art, sculptural installations, video projection, as well as, performance art, in a collaborative way.

His more recent art work uses painting, printmaking, and encaustics and can be currently viewed at the 2018 Hawaii Contemporary Art Exhibition which is showing through the month of September at East Hawaii Cultural Center.