Carol Walker

Carol Walker's picture
Vice Chair
Gamelan Coordinator

What is your background? 

I did nonprofit advocacy work for a few years on the mainland after finishing my education, but then spent the rest of my career in Micronesia, Mozambique, Egypt, and Indonesia, doing some advocacy and management work but primarily focusing on technical writing in the field of international development. Along the way, I developed ties to East Hawaii and in 2002 I started spending part of every summer on the Big Island. I moved to Hawaii full time in 2018.

What motivates you to be on the Board of EHCC? 

When I started planning a permanent move to East Hawaii, I knew I had to find a home for my Javanese gamelan, a set of bronze gongs and other instruments that fill up a large room. Since spending over a decade learning gamelan in Indonesia and the US, it has been my dream to bring my instruments to a community that didn’t have a gamelan, and share the joy of musical discovery with new people. In 2017, I began researching organizations, and EHCC quickly became the obvious choice to house the gamelan. At first, my only role with EHCC was starting a gamelan program, but because the people there are so dedicated and wonderful, I quickly became more and more involved in day-to-day operations. Volunteering at EHCC provided an anchor for me as a new resident, and I’m delighted to do what I can to help fulfill the EHCC mission.