Friday, November 3, 2017 - 5:30pm to Friday, November 24, 2017 - 4:00pm


Join us for the exhibition opening, First Friday November 3rd @ 5:30PM!

EHCC will also be participating as a Selfie Spot for Black & White Night!

Piko Press will be hosting a fundraiser from 6-9: Linoleum block shirt printing event. Free tote bags with each purchase (while supplies last). Proceeds of this event will go to funding our community press, as well as supporting the Hoskins family.

“As humans we live in a world full of “things.” There are so many objects surrounding us that overshadow our sense of uniqueness and our ability to marvel at the world as it vanishes in our everyday routine….“The extraordinary happens, if only we commit ourselves to see it through.” 

-Upcycle.17 juror Mariana Acosta Contreras- view her work here!

The speed of modern culture perpetuates mindless consumption and waste, unless the perception of these ordinary objects is extraordinarily reinvented. The over-abundance of things obstructs perception of the distinctive quality of objects and any sustained potential value they may have. This tendency poses a threat to ecosystems and cultural systems. The inquiry of the upcycle artist juxtaposes consumer waste and social value.

Upcycle.17 invites you to look around and alter your perceptions, to provoke a new value system, to question the impact of consumerism, and to reassemble waste into a purpose.

This year’s exhibit includes three categories: Aesthetical, Functional, and Conceptual.



Participating Artists

Marine Fisch

Sarah Mael

Perry Johnson

Margery Albertini

Charlene Asato

Tara Locklear

Tiia Hollingshaus

Craig Habab

Jean Tock

Gina Hartig Williams

Alleena Shimabukuro

Dorothy Imagire

Michael Olson


Invited Artist

Monika Mann

Opening Reception


Upcycled costumes & story created by

Monika Mann


Dr. Trina Nahm-Mijo


Dr. Trina Nahm-Mijo


Jeong Ha Kim


Leilani Knox Visoko Johnson


Jerry Nahm-Mijo


Kaonohi Jeremiah

Video Installation from Invited Artist Barbara Irwin “Sometimes I feel like a found object”

Photography of Opening Reception and Exhibition: Andrzej Kramarz
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