Togodoo / Mandala

Thursday, September 4, 2014 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm

This show is all about recycling, reducing, reconnecting the community and the earth.

September 4th (Thursday) 1-4pm creation of Togodoo / Mandala

All are invited to come and participate!!!

Please bring small recycled items / icons of significance to you to place in Togodoo.

Togodoo is a circular image created with natural icons depicting Primal Patterns. Togodoo like Mandala and Medicine Wheels, empower the participants to journey into their primal chamber of unconscious in order to tap into the hidden creative and healing energies. Togodoo is the African Spiritual Path Walk leading to the Ancestral Connection and Continuity.

The Icons used in creating the Togodoo include: stone, crystal, grains, flowers, shells, bones, sand, beads, food items of various kind, the endless gifts given to us by Mama Earth, Togodoo is the tribal Foundation of the people, Togodoo is the Eye of the people into the Universe. African cosmology id better understood by participating in Togodoo Ceremonies such as this.

A person, can access his or her personal healing powers, creativity, direction in life, relationship building, ancestral connectedness by creating Togodoo / Mandala.

“ We are therefore I am “

Moses Yao was born in Ghana, West Africa into the ewe speaking community of the Asogli state, as a child he was taught by the elders the oral traditions of this people.

Displayed at the Trash Art Show on September 5th -First Friday- This is a free event open to the public.

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