The Spiral Vision

Sunday, February 19, 2017 - 1:00pm


Dance for body &mind with Shizuno Nasu, LiLith & Emine

Sunday February 19, 2017


EHCC theater

(Second floor)

Admission: $20.00

Dance and meditation workshop to feel movement, balance of body and mental aspect of self-centering, and to create energy of physical expression. Workshop includes lecture of spinning dance (“The Spiral Vision”).

Dancer: Shizuno Nasu

SHIZUNO NASU is born in Osaka, Japan and began her classical ballet training at the age of three. She was chosen as an exchange student with the Bolshoi Ballet at the age of seven and made her debut as a professional dancer at the age of 19. She has won

high praise in Europe, Asia and the U.S.A. When she asked herself what is the very starting point of dance, she started exploring ancient Japanese mythological dances. She undertook a multi-year pilgrimage, performing throughout Japan, deepening a spirit of mai, the dance, and refining her skills on art of mai, and thereby created her unique method of mai “the Spiral Vision”. In 2002, she moved to Island of Hawaii from New York. In Island she created a great number of stages that express her passion and inspiration in “nature” and “movement” with her unique mai attuned to the rhythms of Mother Nature beyond the range of West and East. Shizuno says “Spirit of Nature can be seen in the movement of wind, the stark land of Pele, and in the interweaving energies of opposites, yin and yang... We must heal the earth with renewed spirit and awareness of the interconnectedness of all beings and elements.” In 2010, she established her “Nasu Shizuno Meditation Studio” in Volcano of Island as a base of creation. She has set to work on a new dance method “Origin of Life,” being inspired by the majestic nature of Island of Hawaii, receiving “the Moment of Precious Life” from four elements: Fire, Water, Wind and Earth, and refining her identity with her purity toward dance. Through dance, she contributes to international exchange that bridges

culture between Hawaii and Japan.

Dancing with the ELEMENTS

Contemporary Dancer

Shizuno Nasu

Gazing into the red flame of Kilauea Volcano,

Watching the star filled sky of Mauna Kea

I focus on the root of the "Living Earth."

The basic natural elements are

Fire, Water, Wind (Air) and Earth

I express these elements, my essence of dance through my physical body.

And now, in the same way these four Nature Elements harmonize

and balance each other,

I would like to explore this, as shared human consciousness.

This process will support the future of our "Earth" and "Life."

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