Libation: 2nd Annual Big Island Clay Exhibition

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Friday, December 7, 2018 - 6:00pm to Thursday, January 10, 2019 - 4:00pm


  1. a drink poured out as an offering to a deity.
    synonyms:liquid offering, offeringtributeoblation
    "they pour libations into the holy well"
    • the pouring out of a drink as an offering to a deity.
      "gin was poured in libation"
      a drink.
      "they steadily worked their way through free food and the occasional libation"
      synonyms:(alcoholic) drink, beverageliquid refreshment

Libation will showcase the contemporary perspectives of 21 ceramic artists, both local and invited. Their interpretation of libation, liquid possibilities, will range from a practical to theoretical. This exhibition will focus on the intimate interaction of artist with clay in the context of function.     

Artists Included in show: Ben Eberle \ Peter Scherr \ Bryan Yerian \ Colleen Sidey \ Evan Hobart \ Suzanne Wang \ Claire Seastone \ Gerald Ben \ Clayton Amemiya \ Stephen Freedman \ Erik Wold \ Ingrid Fregeau \ Peri Coeurtney Enkin \ Zoe C. Johnson \ Gordon Motta \ Brent Kiyan \ Kimberly Hagen \ Courtney Meiselman \ Shelby Smith \ Tim Johnson \ Monika Mann

Join us on December 7th for the opening reception, 6-8PM!

Poster & Flyer: