Cathy Cunningham - Little

Saturday, December 17, 2016 - 5:30pm to Saturday, January 28, 2017 - 4:00pm

We touch, taste, smell, hear, and see the world around us, assembling our notions of what is though our five senses. Sharing those impressions, we develop a social consensus of reality and orient around the surety of that consensus.


A valued function of the artist is to offer alternative interpretations of what is by modelling what-might-be. Those models present innovative ways of perceiving, thinking, and responding to our changing environments.


Manipulations of light and space often take form in sculpture, painting, or film. Transmogrified by composer or author, sound becomes story, poetry, or music,.


Cathy Cunningham-Little questions not so much what we see, but how we see. Inspired by her father’s vivid descriptions of inner vision – hallucinations generated during descent into blindness – Cathy manipulates light, the elemental stuff from which we create so many of our assumptions regarding a solid world around us.


Changes in perception are often interpreted as harbingers of insanity: the loss of an agreement with others regarding the nature of reality. However, the destabilization of that agreement is an essential source of innovation – the moment when a stick becomes an arrow – through human imagination.


Allow a moment for Fleeting Glances/Self Reflections to transport you through the doors of perception, where the elements of light coalesce to create transcendent human experience.


  • Curated and Photographed by Andrzej Kramarz

    Artist, educator, curator, editor of photography books. Previously he was chairman of Imago Mundi Foundation (2005-2010); Deputy Art Director at the Photo Month in Cracow (2006-2008). He had been also involved in the Photo Proxima research project carried out by the Ethnographic Museum in Cracow in collaboration with the Fratelli Alinari Museum of Photography, studying private collections of family photographs. He lectures on photography at University of Hawaii and Hawaii Community College. Author of books; Rzeczy (Things) and Invisible Maps. Learn More
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